Conferences, Congresses and Seminars
    1. "Numerical Solution of Fuzzy Differential Equation by Adams-Bashforth Two-Step Method", (S. Abbasbandy, T. Allahviranloo), Presented in 32'nd Iranian Mathematics Conference, Mazandaran University.

    2. "Extrapolation Method For Improving The Solution Of Fuzzy Initial Value Problems", (S. Abbasbandy, T. Allahviranloo), Presented in 33'rd Iranian Mathematics Conference, Ferdowsi University Mashhad.

    3. "Euler Method For Fuzzy Differential Inclusions", (S. Abbasbandy, T. Allahviranloo), Proceeding of the 3td seminar on Fuzzy Sets and it's Applications, June, 19-20, 2002, Sistan and Baluchestan University, Zahedan, Iran, pp. 1-8.

    4. "Fuzzy Interpolation And Its Application in Mathematics Education", (T. Allahviranloo, T. Hajari), Proceeding of the 7th Conference on Mathematics Education, Sep., 2004, Sanandaj University, Sanandaj, Iran.

    5. "Iterative methods for fuzzy linear systems", (T. Allahviranloo), Presented in 37'rd Iranian Mathematics Conference, Yazd University.

    6. "Review on numerical methods for fuzzy linear systems", (T. Allahviranloo), Presented in 6-th conference on fuzzy systems and 1-th Islamic world conference on fuzzy systems, Shiraz.

    7. 13th International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty, IPMU 2010 Dortmund, Germany, June 28 - July 2, 2010. ISI Proceedings

    "A New Approach for Solving First Order Fuzzy Differential Equation", (T. Allahviranloo and S. Salahshour), CCIS 81, p. 522 ff.

    "Expansion Method for Solving Fuzzy Fredholm-Volterra Integral Equations", (S. Khezerloo, T. Allahviranloo, S.H. Ghasemi, S. Salahshour, M. Khezerloo, and M.K. Kiasary), CCIS 81, p. 501 ff.

    "Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions of Fuzzy Volterra Integro-differential Equations", (S. Hajighasemi, T. Allahviranloo, M. Khezerloo, M. Khorasany, and S. Salahshour), CCIS 81, p. 491 ff.

    "Application of Gaussian Quadratures in Solving Fuzzy Fredholm Integral Equations", (M. Khezerloo, T. Allahviranloo, S. Salahshour, M.K. Kiasari, and S.H. Ghasemi), CCIS 81, p. 481 ff.

    8. "Bounded and symmetric solutions of fully fuzzy linear systems in dual form", (T. Allahviranloo, S. Salahshur), in World Conference on Information and Technology, 6-10 October, Istanbul, Turkey.

    9. European society for fuzzy logic and technology, 18-22 July, 2011, Aix-Les-bains, France. ISI Proceedings

    "Fuzzy fractional differential equations with Nagumo and Krasnoselskii-Krein condition", (T. Allahviranloo S. Abbasbandy and S. Salahshour), EUSFLAT-LFA 2011, 1038-1044.

    "Ranking fuzzy numbers using fuzzy maximizing-minimizing points", (S. Salahshour, S. Abbasbandy, T. Allahviranloo), EUSFLAT-LFA 2011, 763-769.

    "Solving fuzzy Volterra integro-differential equation by fuzzy differential transform method", (N. Mikaeilvand, S. Khakrangin, T. Allahviranloo), EUSFLAT-LFA 2011, 891-896.

    "Ranking of fuzzy numbers based on alpha-distance", (S. Khezerloo, T. Allahviranloo, M. Khezerloo), EUSFLAT-LFA 2011, 770-777.

    10. 2th world conference on soft computing, Baku, December 3-5, 2012.

    "Fuzzy difference and differential-difference equations", T. Allahviranloo, S. Salahshour.

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